Our Sustainability Roadmap

Our Purpose and Vision

As a business we want to make a difference, which we will achieve through action, influence and leadership; by helping businesses be more sustainable through carbon emission reduction and energy management. Businesses will increasingly seek to reduce carbon emissions and lessen their impact on the climate. They will look to ESP as a leader at leveraging data analytics to build their high-performing, environmentally sustainable business.

Our Commitments

ESP will support New Zealand’s commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30 per cent below 2005 levels by 2030, and to reduce net carbon emissions to zero by 2050. We are committing ourselves to reducing scope 1 and 2 emissions from our 2020 baseline by 50% by 2030. This is aligned with the science based targets methodology targeting 1.5 degree C.

ESP recognises that our major contributions to sustainability, particularly the environment, is via the work we do with our customers. However, we must be environmentally conscious and responsible ourselves; ensuring that our activities, wherever possible, have the least harmful impact on our environment.

Leadership for ESP means helping many businesses contribute to these goals, contributing to networks with similar ambitions and to continuously improve our practices to sustainably reduce our footprint. Our approach will be to avoid carbon emissions where possible, mitigate what we cannot avoid through alternative approaches and lastly, to utilise ‘insetting’ for the remainder – this means identifying the costs of offsetting and investing a matched amount on internal non-BAU projects to reduce carbon emissions. This approach is better than passive offsetting, as it fosters local innovation and solutions, and supports New Zealand as our home.

ESP are pleased to be members of the Sustainable Business Council and early signatories of the Climate Leaders Coalition. We see great alignment with these groups as they are demonstrating leadership through action on climate change and sustainability. This approach ties in with our vision and purpose and has helped us on our own sustainability roadmap.

Lincoln Watson, CEO, ESP.

Our Impacts

We will achieve our commitments by understanding our impacts and by adopting and implementing environmentally sensitive practices in our choices and how we operate including;

  • We emit greenhouse gas and other air pollutant due to our business. We will reduce our emissions, support environmentally sustainable electricity for our office, and reduce the use of liquid fossil fuels for our transport;
  • We produce waste from our operations. We will reduce waste and effectively manage recycling in our office;
  • We utilise third party products in our supply chain and daily operations. We will improve the sustainability of our direct procurement and work to reduce the environmental impact of our suppliers delivering products and services to us;
  • We make a positive impact through our work with our customers. These benefits are long term and accrue to our customers which is difficult to align with the short-term impacts;
  • We will raise the awareness and knowledge of our staff and clients, and support them to contribute to environmental sustainability.